Windows Hawaii’s manufacturer, Anlin, ensures its windows and doors are the best glass in its class. And, as far as its Alii Extreme line of windows and doors warranty goes, customers can expect a superb lifetime installation and product warranty on the windows for as long as they own the home with the True Double Lifetime Warranty. This also includes a lifetime Complimentary Accidental Glass Breakage Replacement feature.

Before jumping into a such a big decision, the first step to getting new windows is doing viable research. Just as important as product is the warranty that comes with it, so be sure to read through it all — from the title to the fine print. These tips will help:


• Make sure the warranty is comprehensive and all on one document.

• If there is an added document to the original manufacturer’s warranty, be sure to look for a manufacturer’s signature as required by the original document as some companies may try to pass the added document as part of the original warranty when in fact it might be a dealer’s warranty.

• Read the fine print. Some local window companies might show customers the wrong Anlin warranty that is actually more relevant for mainland homes. Anlin makes windows for mainland as well as Hawaii’s specific products, Alii Extreme windows.


• Anlin’s warranty is unmatched by any other company because it has a specific warranty for Hawaii homeowners, unlike other major manufacturers who do not even cover Hawaii in their warranties. What’s more, other manufacturers do not have windows that are tailored to Hawaii weather, but instead are “one size fits all” and are nationally offered.

With an Anlin warranty, Alii Extreme is fully transferrable and remains in effect for life to the subsequent homeowner. Adding to that, while other companies may charge a “handling cost” transfer fee, of $75 for example, Windows Hawaii honors the ownership transfer at no charge at all.

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