At Hawaiian Style Flooring LLC — formerly known as Bamboo Flooring Hawaii LLC — we are constantly working at coming up with the perfect flooring for the Hawaiian market. For the past 20 years, we supplied very popular high-quality bamboo flooring. We still sell bamboo flooring, but are always searching for the best new products for our costumers.


Choosing the perfect flooring should be based on a customer’s preferences, needs and individual requirements. We will always ask you those questions first at Hawaiian Style Flooring LLC.

Hawaiian Style Flooring LLC is constantly seeking the perfect flooring for the Hawaiian market. We have discovered what we believe is the perfect flooring for Hawaii: engineered acacia wood. Hawaiian koa is actually a type of acacia, and is one of the most beautiful and coveted woods in the world. Hawaii’s climate, high wind conditions, as well as genetics all contribute to make koa uniquely beautiful. Koa is, however, rare, and is an endangered species. Most of the exotic woods of the world, including koa, must be responsibly harvested and are required to be tracked showing a chain of custody starting from harvesting to the manufacturing process.

Engineered acacia is an affordable and beautiful alternative to koa. Koa is actually a type of acacia; however, acacia grown in Asia is abundant and not endangered. Acacia is easily harvested and engineered to be a resilient, gorgeous, yet an affordable option. Our customers love our new acacia flooring as it provides the beauty of koa at a fraction of the cost.


As beautiful as acacia is, it may not be for everyone. Hardwood or multilayered engineered flooring is a bit more susceptible to scratching and moisture in the subfloor. Therefore we also carry Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT/SPC) which is waterproof, kid-proof and easy to install. For people that have large families or pets, LVT may be the best option. We carry a variety of prints in our Hawaiian Style Flooring Ali Collection LVT/SPC line, focusing on Hawaiian woods like koa, acacia, and even a couple of colors of bamboo.

The flooring that you choose should be what works best for your situation. Your salesman needs to help guide you in that direction. Finding the right flooring company that helps you choose that perfect-fit product is extremely important and essential for your ultimate satisfaction. Researching flooring companies through social media and other resources will help ensure that you find a reputable match like we would at Hawaiian Style Flooring LLC.

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