I became a licensed general contractor and started doing small renovations and repair jobs in June 1983.

Over the next several years, Wong Construction grew to where it could handle larger additions and even new homes.

Today, I employ a crew of four skilled craftsmen and although I still consider us to be a small business, we are able to handle large jobs.


We work with outstanding subcontractors, draw plans and can design the home of your dreams. We also have contacts that can provide financing.

Here are some comments from satisfied clients and homeowners Donny and Gerilyn Maa:

“Continuing the legacy of my father’s family home, and building my dream home recently became a reality. … Being that the home was built in the 1950s, we knew that continuous fixing and maintenance had to be done. Would making my childhood house turn into my dream home ever become a reality?

“This is when my husband and I decided that we wanted to do major renovations to our home. Our plan was to make a new carport with a new master bedroom above, enlarge the kitchen, and do additional fixtures and reconstruction in other places of the house. The main intent was to renovate, and to also fulfill my father’s legacy by at least keeping the foundation of the house.


“… I contacted the third contractor, Les Wong and scheduled an appointment. Les brought his own architect … and we walked completely in and out of the house. … Les was very easy to talk to, and he continually stressed to me that the house did not need to be demolished and that he was able to fulfill our plans within our budget.

“As the plans to renovate our home progressed, we were able to build a relationship with Les and his workers and knew that we could instill a sense of faith and trust in Wong Construction. … His workers were very respectful, helpful, and easy to communicate with also. They worked hard every day with diligence and integrity, and always took pride in their work. …

“Needless to say, my husband and I are very happy and satisfied with the overall service that Les Wong and his workers have provided. We continuously receive only positive comments from family, friends, neighbors or just people who have walked by the house. Through our experience we learned that trust and building positive relationships play an integral part when finding the right construction company to do the job!

“Mahalo to Les and the boys and remember to ‘Do it the Wong way!'”


After more than 30 years in the industry, Wong Construction still strives to do the best job possible.

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