Have you been eyeing your old vinyl floor lately, thinking it’s time for a change? Do you daydream about cool, smooth, clean tile beneath your toes?

You might want to visit Rui Building Supply in Honolulu to check out a lovely selection of tile that arrived in a recent shipment.


“We have new tile selections that just came in,” said Jon Xie, manager of the showroom. “They’re all gorgeous porcelain, all new designs. Some are smooth, some are textured, and some have a glazed finish.”

Highly stain and water resistant, porcelain tile is durable and offers a long lifespan. It’s practically kid-proof. Heavy furniture doesn’t leave dents on it. If a tile floor is washed regularly and regrouted, it’ll look great for years, particularly if you apply a sealer every few years to prevent penetration of moisture.

Additionally, porcelain tile is ideal flooring for people with severe allergies, as it can be sanitized easily and quickly, and doesn’t harbor allergens like carpet and other flooring materials.


“It’s great for flooring in damper environments like bathrooms and kitchens, and even on lanais — anywhere you need a flooring material that holds up well to moisture,” Xie said. “And there are so many different design possibilities with porcelain tiles!”

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