Are you looking to replace doors or windows in your home?

There are a variety of contractors, window brands and styles of windows to choose from.

Replacing windows is a unique investment as it involves not only a product, but a service as well.

If you were purchasing a big screen television, once you determined the brand and model of TV you were interested in, you could shop online or at a store, say Cost-co, Best Buy and Amazon. As you know the exact brand you need, the decision could come down to price as the product would be the same in each case.


When purchasing windows and doors the quality of the windows and doors you choose is important, but equally important is the measuring, installation and service of the windows you choose.

It’s possible to purchase windows from an outlet that is not a contractor. In this case you would pay for the windows in full when you order and the have a subcontractor install the windows.

There are the most complaints with this system, as there is no one entity who is responsible for the entire process.

Let’s say the window leaks five years after the installation. The entity that sold you the windows will normally refer you back to the manufacturer if you have issues, or back to the installer to remedy the situation. Imagine if you had to deal with Toyota or Ford and not your local dealer every time you had an issue or service with you car.

Diamond Head Windows is a licensed contractor in the state of Hawaii. The company is responsible for the entire process from the time you order, through installation and after the windows are installed. Diamond Head Windows’ primary manufacturer, Amerimax, offers a double lifetime warranty on the doors and windows that includes screens, hardware and accidental glass breakage for as long as you own your home. If you were to sell it or pass it along to a family member, that warranty could be transferred to the new owner for an additional lifetime of coverage for as long as they are in the home.


Diamond Head Windows’ Amerimax brand of windows is a premium brand window with the features that work best in Hawaii, including NEAT glass, stainless steel hardware, upgraded screens and is top-rated in terms of insulation, sound reduction and security.

But beyond the quality of the materials, Diamond Head Windows does all of the installation using its own installers. They have years of experience installing windows in Hawaii in every type of home.

The company can do any needed repairs to your window frames as needed, and create new openings for doors and windows. Diamond Head Windows uses only the best caulking and fasteners to install your doors and windows and offers a lifetime installation warranty on the installation itself — so if a window was ever to leak or need to have caulking replaced, that service would be done at no charge to you.

Find out for yourself what makes Diamond Head Windows your best choice for window replacement. Schedule a free consultation and demonstration. Get all of your questions answered and get a quote on the spot for your project. The company can itemize it so you can see the exact cost for each window you want to replace. You can do the entire house or a portion, based on your needs and budget.

The more you know about windows, the better Diamond Head Windows looks.

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