The kitchen is a space that homeowners often dream of renovating. A growing trend in kitchen design is personalization, where thoughtful updates go beyond stainless-steel appliances and standard cabinetry to incorporate a host of interesting design elements.

Consider these key ways to breathe new life into any kitchen.



Hardware adds a finished look to cabinets. The variety of styles and materials for drawer and cabinet pulls — metals, ceramics, crystal, glass, stone — makes it easy to update your cabinets with little cost and effort. Don’t be afraid to mix and match hardware styles or experiment with shapes to add character.


Distinctive appliances are a great way to add personality. Elmira Stove Works offers several vintage-inspired appliance lines in a variety of designs and colors. Whether you opt to update all your appliances or choose a single statement piece, your kitchen will feel inspired.

For those who lean toward a retro or midcentury modern look, the Northstar line delivers conversation-worthy style to any kitchen. Add a fun pop of color with classic hues like tropical blue, mint green and candy red, or choose from a broad selection of custom colors.


The Antique line features intricately detailed appliances with historic styling. These appliances are available in a range of traditional and custom colors, and can complement any vintage home design. For a turn-of-the-century feel, the Fireview stove has a visible wood-burning component that can also be used to heat rooms.


Proper lighting is essential for performing kitchen tasks, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Lighting provides an opportunity to get creative and bring touches of personality to the kitchen. By blending practical task lighting with decorative ambient lighting, you can inject the right balance of function and fashion.

Overhead and under-cabinet lighting make it easy to chop, cut, cook and more. Add a bit of flair with a layered approach, for example, strategically mix pendant and wall lights with recessed lighting. The globes that surround light fixtures are another great place to sprinkle in some character. From glass designs in vivid hues to textured metal looks, these surrounds come in myriad shapes and sizes.


When you add personal touches, you’ll enjoy an updated, customized space that will have you cooking and entertaining in style.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.