In the 21st century, it’s become easy to shop online for practically everything. You can shop for a house for your family to live in, furnish it, and even buy a car to park in your driveway — all online. And thanks to the technical wizards at Hawaiian Turfgrass, you can now shop online for a beautiful lawn for your home.

You’ll find everything you need on Hawaiian Turfgrass’ easy-to-navigate website, including comprehensive information about the grasses offered by this Mililani company. To simplify the order process, the website’s handy area calculator uses satellite mapping to help you determine how many square feet your lawn encompasses. There’s also a comparison chart that shows the company’s top three performing sods in a variety of categories, including low maintenance, fertilization needs, and drought tolerance.


“Our most common and most popular grass is El Toro Zoysia, and we have licensed specialty grasses as well: Tifgrand Bermuda, Zeon Zoysia, Captiva St Augustine, and Seastar Seashore Paspalum,” explained Sean Aukanaii Fong, president and founder of Hawaiian Turfgrass.

With degrees in both Tropical Plant and Soil Science and Hawaiian Studies from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Fong chose those exclusive specialty grasses based on several characteristics.

“What sets them apart from the common Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia grasses is their improved traits: less mowing, watering, and fertilizer; fewer insect and disease problems; and a superior look,” he said.


Additionally, every variety sold by Hawaiian Turfgrass is grown in compost on plastic sheets at its Mililani farm. “When we harvest, you get the entire plant—root and all—for a healthier lawn that tacks down fast,” said Fong.

With five grasses at different price points, Hawaiian Turfgrass offers a lawn for every budget.

“We’re almost like a carpet store,” Fong said. “It just comes down to deciding on the right grass for your area, and knowing how to maintain it properly.”


Thanks to the new online ordering system, making that decision has never been easier. You can research and select your turfgrass, place your order, and arrange for delivery and installation, all online. Hawaiian Turfgrass offers site prep and irrigation services as well. And for the next few days—through July 31—Hawaiian Turfgrass is offering a 25 percent summer discount on gorgeous Zeon Zoysia, a true “barefoot lawn” grass.

Your totally turnkey landscape is just a few clicks away!

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