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Dear roofing professional, I am a homeowner and my roof is leaking what should and shouldn’t I do?

What you shouldn’t do:

• Go to the hardware store to buy a pail of roof coating or roofing water proofing mastic to try to repair the leak yourself. By doing this, it will make determining the roofing leak difficult to troubleshoot and identify. This also may stop the roof leak initially but may make the roof leak worse overtime.


• Do-it-yourself roof repairs can be dangerous because while being on the roof you are in a position where fall hazards are present.

What you should do:

• Call a roofing professional to diagnose and recommend a solution and have the company perform the necessary roofing work to repair the leak.

• Most roof repairs can be done with similar materials and colors to match and blend in with the existing roof you already have.

• Most times roofs can be repaired quickly, while in other cases it may be easier and cost effective to replace either a portion or the entire roof.


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