“We finally have all the elements of our urban garden center in Kakaako ready for customers,” said Layla Dedrick of Geobunga. “Though we moved from our Salt Lake location over a year ago and have been serving the public every day, we wanted the shopping experience to be comprehensive, showing all of our products. Visit Geobunga’s conveniently located Kakaako location where you can purchase plants, pottery, lava pavers, decorative river pebbles, outdoor furniture and accessories.

With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to think about refreshing your yard or lanai, whether a small balcony in a condo or large backyard sanctuary.


People are gardening in record numbers, both here in Hawaii and on the mainland. Dedrick said, “As humans I believe we naturally seek to develop a deeper connection to the natural world. You can incorporate green space anywhere, large or small, to create a leafy refuge from stress and chaos.” Geobunga and its staff can help you create a green space with personally chosen plants and garden accessories that are meaningful and practical for you and your lifestyle.

Here are some gardening trends Dedrick noted for 2019:

Gardening is not just for kupuna and retirees with time on their hands. According to the National Gardening Association, one out of five new gardeners are millennials. Folks in this generation are currently 23-38 years old. And since most of them don’t own homes yet, this tells us green space is important them whether they are ready to “settle down” or not.


There are fewer rules, more architecture. Combine varied plants with interesting forms, shapes, textures and growth habits. This doesn’t mean to be haphazard in your garden design, but it does encourage the gardener to think beyond parallel rows and multiples of the same plant in designated areas.

More homeowners want gardens or green space but may not have the time, knowledge or inclination to develop a green thumb. Consumer research shows that more people are willing to pay to have a beautifully landscaped space.

Along with those willing to hire out are those who want ready-to-use plants and garden items. This means plants that are purchased already in a decorative pot rather than a black plastic nursery pot. It can also mean self-contained recirculating fountains — plug and play. Geobunga offers these types of items and more.


Geobunga was founded in 2009 in Honolulu and is locally owned and operated. Geobunga is one of Hawaii’s largest suppliers of decorative river pebbles, stone pavers, and landscape pottery, statuary and water features. It services the public as well as landscape contractors, architects, designers, and commercial and hospitality projects. Geobunga products can be purchased in-store or at Home Depot locations statewide. The company remains family-owned.

Photos by Lawrence Tabudlo

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