When it’s time to fix up that older home, you need to trust an experienced and local contractor who supports Hawaii. Tropical Wholesale has been fixing residents’ homes for more than 30 years. During that period, the company has worked on thousands of homes with a firm commitment to quality workmanship and using the best materials.

Here are key reasons to trust your home to Tropical Wholesale:
The company is locally owned and operated, serves Hawaii’s homeowners and provides the best home improvement products that money can buy. Tropical Wholesale is not limited to one product, but is a general contractor with multiple licenses and products. Tropical Wholesale is a distributor of windows, siding, roofing, patio, bathroom and photovoltaic solar products. This means it gets factory container load prices. Tropical Wholesale also has been trained to install these products at the factories and is a certified installer.

Tropical Wholesale has had to adapt, modify and improve the way products are installed because Hawaii is a very unique place. Where else have you seen a girth board, water table or roof deck made of canec? Most people don’t even know what it looks like and haven’t worked with it before. So if you renovate your home, be sure to choose a local contractor like Tropical Wholesale, the experts on Hawaii’s homes.


Tropical Wholesale is fully licensed, bonded and insured to exceed what is required by the licensing board in Hawaii. The company has had thousands of customers. Some are most likely friends or relatives of yours.

Plus, Tropical Wholesale is a Sam’s Club contractor. So if you’re a member, call Tropical Wholesale or visit Sam’s national website at samsclub.com to sign up for a free estimate. Go to the member services link, then click on home improvement. All products are warranted by the manufacturers, Tropical Wholesale and Sam’s Club.

Tropical Wholesale only uses fully warranted products.

This means you get the best warranties. Our windows are Simonton Windows, which are rated No. 1 by J.D. Power. They have a lifetime warranty on frame, hardware and workmanship. The company’s siding is Norandex, the thickest vinyl siding available. Tropical Wholesale even has one that looks like Hardi-Board, but is lifetime warrantied.


The company has horizontal, vertical and shake styles. It can get any type of siding you want, and its roofing is Gerard, the only non-prorated roof warranted 100 percent for 50 years. Tropical Wholesale is a fully licensed electrical contractor.

Call Tropical Wholesale to save big. You do not have to pay $60,000, $70,000 or $100,000 for a photovoltaic system. Most importantly, every time you buy any home improvement product in Hawaii, check to see if the mainland manufacturer has a Hawaii warranty. The reason is that most manufacturer standards avoid warranties for products shipped to Hawaii because of the salt air conditions.

Too many people buy a product, then later need help, only to find out that the company is out of business and the salesman had falsely told them that the items had warranties. Rest assured that all Tropical Wholesale products have manufacturer warranties for Hawaii.

Your business with Tropical Wholesale also supports local charities. Tropical Wholesale has donated to many charities, including Kamp Hawaii, La Pietra, The Kalima and the Salvation Army. In fact, Tropical Wholesale rebuilt the Robert Lewis Stevenson building for the Salvation Army headquarters in Manoa in 2010 and 2011, restoring the long-missed Hawaii landmark. So, when making those final decisions, think local to benefit Hawaii.


When the time comes to trust your old home to a contractor, go withTropicalWholesale. The company can do almost any job at a reasonable price, with the best materials available. Remember, vinyl is final. After 37 years of fixing Hawaii’s homes, Tropical Wholesale can prove it. Call Matthew Houar, owner/contractor of Tropical Wholesale. Or, call Mike Houar at 263-1252, or Matt Houar at 292-2942.

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