While Windows Hawaii provides aesthetically pleasing windows and doors to your home, the company also churns out other premium products that further add to your structure’s durability, function and visual appeal with its siding.

Windows Hawaii offers only the best siding options with reliable brands such as Celect, which offers premium cellular composite siding and Craneboard for vinyl.

Celect siding is most favored by existing customers of Windows Hawaii and stands as the best option when deciding to re-side your home. It presents a plethora of benefits for everything and everyone in the house. Celect gives the appearance of natural wood but without the future maintenance problems. It resists moisture and is promised to never warp, buckle or shift, unlike real wood.

Furthermore, the material that Celect is comprised of helps residents reduce worry about termites and even save a few bucks on electric bills.


“Here in Hawaii, we especially like staying cooler in the summer, but we also like to keep our home energy cost down and use renewable products,” stated general manager Mario Garcia. “Celect’s siding is 100 percent recyclable and provides an R-value that’s twice the thermal value of comparable siding products.”

One of the greatest benefits of Celect is its maintenance-free feature. “Celect is certainly easier to install than fiber cement siding and most would agree it presents a nicer appearance,” said Garcia. “You’ll never need to worry about paint, caulking or delaminating, plus you can forget about mold, deteriorations, scrubbing and hiring maintenance crews.”

Garcia also mentioned that there currently is a sale going on for selected colors of the Celect line. Call Windows Hawaii for more information.

If Celect siding is just a bit over your price range, the company also has other options like Craneboard vinyl siding. As a growing trend, many residents in the state have been opting for vinyl siding as it is cost-effective, requiring little to no maintenance, never needing to be painted and is easy to clean if needed.

With the aforementioned products’ high durability and aesthetic appeal, your house will be sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. In fact, that’s exactly what happened with Windows Hawaii customer Nancy Beggin.


“I needed to update my house and wanted something that was not going to require a lot of maintenance. That’s when I had windows and siding installed by Windows Hawaii,” she explained.

When the job was complete, Beggin was elated with the look of her new house, and she wasn’t the only one.

“It was so funny because I actually had people coming up to me asking if I was going to sell my house,” she chuckled. Of course, Beggin told the inquirers that her house is not for sale. “I’m really, really pleased. It’s beautiful and a huge improvement. (Even) my friend drove by and said, ‘You have a new house!'”

In addition to her dwelling’s fresh look, Beggin raved about the company’s hardworking team and their precision. “I couldn’t get over how professional and meticulous they were,” she shared. “They made sure everything was done properly and they cleaned up everything every day. There was a lot of teardown from the old siding and they took care of all of that.”

Customers like Beggin, who invested in Windows Hawaii’s siding, swear that it has been the best decision they’ve made for their residences. Call Mario Garcia to schedule a free consultation or visit the Windows Hawaii website for more information on upgrading your home.

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