This is the one time of year that our DVD player comes out of hiding. While we usually stream most of the movies we watch, holiday classics are not as readily available as we would like them to be. Plus, we already have a full DVD library that consists of not much more than our favorite Christmas flicks: Elf, The Polar Express, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.

It was not until this holiday season rolled around that I realized I had never even connected the DVD player to the TV. We have lived in our home for more than six months. When I pulled the TV stand out from the wall to connect it, I quickly realized just what a mess it was back there.


Between the TV, the router, the sound bar, the cable box, the clock and now the DVD player, cords cluttered up the space, making it difficult to decipher which went with which devices — and also creating a potential fire hazard. Now is as good a time as any to cut through the clutter and organize the cords.

Tie them up

Take your time and fold up the excess slack of your cords into a nice, tight bundle. Then, use black zip ties or reusable, bendable cord ties to secure them. This will keep them from tangling with other cords and has the added benefit of helping to keep them up and out of the way.

Hang them up

Stick small plastic hooks onto the back of your TV stand and appliances to give the slack somewhere to hang. If you are worried about possibly wanting to remove the hooks later, use Command brand hooks that can be removed without leaving residue behind.

Keep them together


You can secure several cords in one long mass. Gather the cords up and secure them with your choice of tie, or purchase a cord organizer that holds bunches of cords in one tube or sleeve.

Some people recommend using a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. If it is going in a discreet place, then an empty roll may do the trick. Otherwise, opt for something with a cleaner look.

Once secured, bust out your label maker or some decorative washi tape and create labels for each. This will allow you to tell at a glance which cord goes with what.


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