Kai Ridge Hawaii is a locally owned and fully licensed general contractor, specializing in design-build, kitchen and bathroom renovations. The design-build process consolidates the design and construction phases into one contract, more cost-effectively and with fewer change orders. The company’s qualified and experienced project managers have numerous years of experience in commercial and residential projects on the island of Oahu.

With the company’s entire package, clients are able to build homes that fit their needs and lifestyle. They told the company that, “Building a home is an exciting journey, but not easy; we are glad that Kai Ridge Hawaii guided us through each step.”


Because it is design-build contractor, the biggest advantage Kai Ridge Hawaii has is that the company is involved from the planning stage, and clients only have to deal with the company as the point of contact. A Kai Ridge Hawaii client referred by an existing client returned home from mainland. After reviewing several proposals, they decided to work with Kai Ridge Hawaii. The company’s recommended design has always been about balancing fashion with functionalism, from a builder’s perspective. The company’s project manager, with a decade of building experience, also advised the client to design a home that fully takes its geographic advantage to build the best view.

Kai Ridge Hawaii also had its in-house architect customize the design of the floor plan. The company puts its emphasis on kitchen and bath designs, because they will add value to your house. Using Kai Ridge Hawaii’s recommended design, the clients decided on an open style kitchen with contemporary wood cabinets and marble countertops. The company also helped them to pick the contrasts between the cabinets and the appliance colors in order to help incorporate a different look for the kitchen.

Because of all the detailed work, Kai Ridge Hawaii’s clients are extremely happy with the final product, and love the design without any doubts. From the design, getting the zoning approved, permits, construction, to eventually turnkey to the clients, the entire process is streamlined and efficient.


Before Kai Ridge Hawaii starts every project, the first commitment is to quality. Second, the company is committed to being price savvy. This means the management and purchasing departments put an extra effort into buying materials that save clients’ money. Third, Kai Ridge Hawaii is committed to excellent service. This translates into working closely with clients and maintaining fluid communication.

Kai Ridge Hawaii is a 100-percent bonded construction company. The company’s licensure and insurance protects you and your new home from unforeseen events. Think of Kai Ridge Hawaii when you simply want to build a beautiful new home. The company takes efficient, stylish, creative conceptions into the design. More than 50 percent of the company’s existing business is from repeat or referral clients.

Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction always goes above and beyond to ensure projects reflect the company’s brand and culture. The residential portfolio includes luxury renovation in the Waialae Iki residential area, contemporary renovation to a rental residential complex on Kapiolani Boulevard, residential house development on Wilhelmina Rise, and new builds in various locations on Oahu. Kai Ridge Hawaii’s commercial portfolio includes a medical facility, retail stores at a premier shopping mall, a boutique store, restaurant, commercial storage, office, and tenant improvement.


Please check Kai Ridge Hawaii’s website at kairidgehawaii.com or like the company on Facebook. More pictures are available at the company’s Facebook page at facebook.com/kairidgehawaii.

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