Looking for a great holiday gift for the whole family? Perhaps you should look no further than your own bathroom.

“Bathroom upgrades and renovations can be designed to accommodate and enhance the quality of life of all members of the household,” said Charlie Beeck, president of Tropical Plumbing and Bath. “Older family members will particularly appreciate the addition of age-friendly features, such as barrier-free walk in showers, one of our most popular installations that often replace standard tubs or old-fashioned stall showers. We can also elevate counters and install easy-to-reach cabinets and lighting fixtures for greater convenience and comfort.


“There is really no limit to what can be designed and installed, once we assess the existing plumbing and provide a plan for the new installations,” Beeck said. “Some walk-in showers are simple enclosures with fixtures and a bench, often constructed with tile and left completely open on one side. Deluxe walk-in showers enclosed with glass, with windows open to a view, benches, and multiple showerheads are specified today in high-end homes and apartments. Our experienced designers and plumbers work as a team to ensure that the installation is both aesthetically and operationally successful.”

Tropical Plumbing and Bath is a two-time first place winner of Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s “Hawaii’s Best” awards. One of the great advantages of working with this award-winning company is that they handle all phases of the project from sales and design to installation, including the plumbing required for the new fixtures.

Beeck pointed out that the time frame is short to complete renovations prior to the holidays, but a plan can be designed and presented once the scope of work is determined and a budget set.


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