The year-round island heat constantly leaves homeowners searching for any and all ways to help cool down their homes.

This week, this article will focus on ways homeowners can keep their home cooler.


One of the first things homeowners overlook when figuring out how to cool down their home is their roof. The most popular type of roofing is asphalt shingles. Older asphalt shingles typically are covered in black algae, discoloring the roof from its original color. The discoloring absorbs the heat from the sun, making the home uncomfortably hot.

New roofs come in an array of different colors. The lightest color comes with an energy star rating due to its ability to bounce the heat. In addition, there are also other colors available with an Energy Star rating, with different colors to match your home’s colors.

Another aspect to take into consideration is ventilation. When choosing to re-roof or retrofit existing roofs, ventilation is an important aspect that most people don’t think about. Ridge vents and solar fans are the most typical types of roofing ventilation options. They pull the hot air from your attic space, keeping your home cooler.


If you are a homeowner with flat roofing, there is also hope for you, too. There are many types or roof coatings that can be applied to your roof to help bounce the heat. Materials from acrylics and silicones can be applied in white, or can also be tinted to a color that will match your home’s color.

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