The right air conditioning system can keep your home cool without breaking the bank.

David Gorman, president and general manager of RevoluSun Smart Home, provides tips on choosing the right one for you.

First, understand your residential air conditioner options.


There are three main types: window ACs, split ACs and central air conditioning.

Second, consider how often you will use your air conditioner.

“If you only run your AC for a few hours here and there or during one season out of the year and you don’t mind the noise,” conceded Gorman, “a window AC makes economic sense.”

Window ACs have low upfront cost and could be a good solution for someone who can afford high operating costs on an ongoing basis.


“You could get a new 12,000 BTU window unit for $350, versus about $3,500 for the same BTU split system. However, the split system will bring you significant energy savings, plus it’s quiet,” Gorman explained.

A customer running a window AC 8-10 hours per night will spend about $120-$150 per month compared to $30-$40 per month to run the split system. Over the course of a year, the split system will save that person $1,000 in electricity bills. In about three years, the system will pay for itself.

And lastly, Mitsubishi Split systems can save up to 40 percent in electricity costs over central air conditioning systems. Those costs can quickly add up when running the AC around the clock.

When it comes to central air conditioners, you don’t have control over individual room temperatures.


“There’s a lot of waste, especially if there’s only one person home during the day,” Gorman said.

If you already have central AC, RevoluSun can use existing ductwork and change out the condenser to make it more efficient. If you frequently run your AC or need to replace an old central system, call Mitsubishi Diamond dealer RevoluSun at 748-8888 to schedule a free estimate for split air conditioning.

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