More and more homeowners are investing in solar panels for their home or business — it’s a smart move financially and it’s good for the environment. But without regular maintenance on those solar panels, their investment may not be bringing them the same cost-savings it originally did. Look for the following signs that will indicate your solar panels need cleaning:

1. Electric bill

Have you noticed your electricity bill creeping up? Did your bill start at $14 a month and now it’s back up to over $30? You could be using more electricity, but it could also be due to dirty or damaged solar panels.

2. Mildew on the edge of your panels


Look at the edge of your panels. If it’s discolored or has dark spots, that could be a sign you have a bigger problem on the face of the panels. If mildew is growing on the face of the panels it could be keeping the sun from getting to your system and not producing what it should.

3. Panel discoloration

If you are lucky and can see your panels from the ground and notice some discoloration, then you might want to get your panels cleaned. Dirt, salt, bird droppings, mildew and road grime could be on the panels and be blocking the sun’s rays from reaching the system.

4. Mildew on your walls, driveway or house

Your walls and driveway get the same moisture and sunlight as your roof. If you see mildew or discoloration on your walls or driveway, more than likely you have the same thing on your solar panels and it’s time to get your solar panels cleaned.

5. Location


Location is a big factor in getting your solar panels cleaned. Places that get sun later in the day, get rain more often or are close to the highway need to get their panels cleaned more often. Houses in areas like Pearl City, Moanalua, Aiea, Nuuanu, Kailua, Kaneohe, Aina Haina, Wahiawa, Kaimuki, Manoa and Salt Lake should be getting their panels cleaned one or two times a year.

6. Flat panels

Panels on a flat roof just collect water which causes mildew to grow a lot quicker and also collects dirt or pollutants in the air, which blocks the sun from getting to your system and producing what it should.

Clean Solar Panels Hawaii offers cleaning services starting at just $10 per panel — an excellent value when considering the enhanced performance and cost savings that result in the long run. For more information, log on to, and call 454-7565 for a free estimate.

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