Late summer has a combination of hot and cool days that alternatively delight and frustrate homeowners as they attempt to make it through the remaining part of the season.

One of the these homeowners was Alvin I. of Makiki. He was looking for a solution for his hot home that was both energy efficient and comfortable. “It would take until the middle of the night with all the windows open for the home to cool down to the cooler outside temperature,” he said. “I wanted to get that cooler outside air inside my house, and my wife didn’t want to A/C the central part of the home.”


Alvin found the QuietCool system after the BIA Home Expo and had a pair of systems installed. QuietCool is installed in the attic of the home with an intake on the ceiling. Unseen from outside the house a control switch turns it on and off.

Alvin said, “We live in an area with little cross ventilation so these QuietCool have been a Godsend to us! For us, they work best in the evening when the house is retaining the heat of the day but the temperature outside has cooled a bit. We turn on both fans and within 10-15 minutes, the hot air is expelled and the house is cooled down to nearly outdoor temperature.”

Al Whitworth explained how QuietCool works. “It’s like when you park your car in the sun during the day,” He said. “The quickest way to cool it down is to open the windows and start driving. In the same way, QuietCool draws in large amounts of air and exhausts trapped heat, quickly reducing the temperature. Then similar to your car, you have a choice of keeping the windows open, or closing them up to run the A/C. Our hope is that with QuietCool the amount of time folks would run A/C is lessened to zero.”


Al’s brother Ivan Whit-worth added, “We find a lot of our local homes are under-ventilated. Part of what makes QuietCool so effective is that it blows trapped heat out of the attic, leading to a more efficient home. Since they use only a fraction of the energy of A/C, folks find savings on their energy bill too!”

Another satisfied homeowner is Kili Kono. “I live in the Ahuimanu area and have had two Island Cooling whole house fans for several years. The larger capacity fan cools the majority of the house and the smaller one cools the master bedroom.

“When the weather starts to heat up or on days when we have Kona winds I put both fans on in the late afternoon and by early evening the upstairs is nice and cool.


This is a great product with unbelievable service.”

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