Here are the top four things to know about going solar.

1. People often tell Revolu-Sun Smart Home they love the idea of going solar and having battery back-up power in an emergency, but just don’t think they can afford it. The truth is, if you are paying an electric bill, you can afford to switch to solar.

Whether you purchase a system with cash, get a loan from the bank, or lease from RevoluSun, you will spend less on a photovoltaic solar (PV) + battery system than you would on your utility bill.


When paying for the system upfront, your monthly savings will pay for the system (after tax credits) in about seven years. After that, your system will “pay you” with free electricity. Solar loans and leases are designed to save you money from Day 1 as your monthly payment is typically less than the electricity bill it offsets.

RevoluSun’s PV panels are warranted for 25 years and will continue to produce electricity for years after the warranty. As a bonus, the battery component of the system will provide your home with electricity in a grid outage.

2. Generous PV tax credits of up to 65 percent are still available. Hawaiian Electric Co.’s (HECO) tariff programs may have changed, but federal and state tax credits are still the same. You can get more than half of your system paid for with tax credits!

3. The days of waiting months for approval are a thing of the past. When systems, like PV + battery under HECO’s Customer Self-Supply (CSS) program, don’t export electricity to the grid, they can get approved in as little as two weeks. That’s a big change from recent years when the utility reviewed applications for months, sometimes years. Nonetheless, if you want your system to qualify for 2018 tax credits, you need to get started today.

4. If you installed a PV system under HECO’s net metering program and find you need more power, or want to add a battery for emergency backup, there are finally options for you, too!

A recent PUC order has allowed homeowners with net-metered PV systems to add additional PV with batteries without sacrificing their net metering agreement with HECO.


If you want to pay less for electricity, there’s really no reason to wait. Pull out your HECO bill and make a no-obligation appointment with a RevoluSun project developer. He or she will go over your current use and future plans (like installing new air conditioning, or switching to an electric vehicle) and show you how you can pay less for electricity.

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