Fall is for new beginnings, so why wait for that dream kitchen?

As summer winds down and everyone rushes into the hustle and bustle of fall, planning and scheduling become the top priorities. While your family’s life only gets busier, your home is only getting more cluttered, more used and more out of date. Instead of waiting for the next appliance to fail, begin planning your kitchen renovation at INspiration Interiors Design Studio.


Through Aug. 31, INspiration Interiors Design Studio is offering 20 percent off all custom Valdesign Italian Cabinetry and Alf Da Fre Wardrobes and Closet Systems. The Valdesign line offers modern design solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and closets, with many finishes, colors and accessories to bring function and style to the forefront. With Valdesign, open floor plans can seamlessly connect the kitchen and living spaces. Alf Da Fre components for bedrooms, closets and entertainment areas work together to provide functional, creative and innovative spaces that flow in harmony.

Selected kitchen displays in the showroom are 50 percent off.

For more information or to view selected displays on sale, visit INspiration Interiors Design Studio. INspiration Interiors Design Team can be reached at designstudio@inspirationinteriors.com or 237-5460. Visit INspirationinteriors.com.