Summer is here and it’s getting hotter, which means you’re probably running your home air conditioner more often and are getting higher electricity bills. Longer days and abundant sunshine are perfect to maximize your energy production with a home solar system.

The solar market in Hawaii has heated up again, building momentum with solar photo-voltaic (PV) with energy storage (battery systems).

With the various types of solar systems with battery storage in the market, purchasing the right system for your home can be a bit confusing and sometimes overwhelming.

Locally owned Hawaii Energy Connection, known for its KumuKit™ solar electricity and solar hot water systems, is Hawaii’s pioneer and industry leader with solar and smart energy storage and management technology, along with its top-tier, ultra-efficiency panels, advanced micro-inverters and its exclusive, highly innovative Energy Management Controller (EMC) with sophistication unlike any other in the market today.


Get the intelligent system that will provide you benefits now, adapting to your changing needs, unpredictable utility policies and coming demand response benefit programs — essentially future-proofing energy usage in your home or business. All KumuKit solar PV systems now come with batteries included, along with the EMC.

How does Hawaii Energy Connection stand out from the rest? Here’s a short list to help you compare.

Be sure to ask these impor tant questions before making your decision on your PV system. After all, it is an investment for your future and you’ll want to make sure to maximize on your energy and system savings.

Will I receive the maximum available state and federal tax credits on my system? This means you will be the beneficiary of the available 65 percent state and federal tax on your new solar system. Don’t let anyone else take your tax credits.

Will I hands-down have the most advanced energy storage system in the market? Hawaii Energy Connection’s smart energy storage system allows for easy upgrade and incremental expansion, automatic emergency backup power, and is adaptable to current and future utility programs.


Will I have my own customizable energy dashboard to adjust my battery storage settings? Simple cloud-based energy management allows you to compare your energy production with your energy usage. You can manage and monitor the energy consumption of your home and have direct control of your battery storage settings. It’s your power, your way.

Will my system include the LG 360 Watt ultra-efficiency panels? Hawaii Energy Connection’s ultra-efficiency panels and micro-inverters offer one of the highest A/C electricity productions in the industry and in the state. The LG 360 Watt panels are a manufacturer’s exclusive with KumuKit PV systems.

Will I own all of my energy savings? When you own your PV system, you get the tax credits, all energy savings produced, and you add value to your home.

My system allows me to choose and adapt to any solar programs and tariffs available now and in the future? Current programs include: Customer Grid Supply, Customer Grid Supply Plus, Customer Self Supply, adding to Net Energy Metering, Smart Export, Time-of-Use and future grid services.

I have the option to finance with no interest and payments for the first two years? Hawaii Energy Connection’s financing options are designed to allow you to start your solar savings immediately and for you to benefit from available tax credits. These tax credits can then be applied toward your loan to further increase savings.


My solar contractor has been serving the people of Hawaii for more than 10 years and is here to stay? Using Hawaii Energy Connection’s exclusive “Right-Size” calculator, the company will make sure your system is “sized right” for your home and family’s energy needs. Just ask the company’s more than 8,000 satisfied customers.

There’s a reason why the KumuKit PV systems continue to be among Hawaii’s best choice.

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