Oliver and Cynthia Maulit are passionate about kupuna care. The Waipahu couple gives much of their time caring for the seniors in their care facility while also watching their granddaughter full time.

Spending a lot more time in the house put the couple on a search for an alternative to air conditioning. “When you are at home more, like our kupuna or retired folks like me, having a comfortable, cooler and ventilated house is something we deserve,” said Oliver.

The answer to the Maulit’s need was the QuietCool whole house fan system from Island Cooling. Installed in the attic of the home, this energy efficient system is providing relief from the heat.


“I like how QuietCool keeps us cool without chilling the air, plus the circulation that comes through the home makes it fresh and natural. It works better for seniors and I just love how I can leave the windows open.” Oliver continued, “Our neighbors ask us how we keep our house so cool, I strongly recommend Island Cooling.”

“A lot of folks come to Island Cooling because even though they prefer fresh air, it’s plain hotter in the house than outside,” said co-owner of Island Cooling Ivan Whitworth. “Turning the system on draws hot air up and out of the home while pulling cooler air in through open windows.

“Since it’s taking trapped heat out of the home it’s very effective. As it’s not refrigerating the air, the system is very energy efficient too, using less than 20 percent of the power of an A/C system.”

It’s not just kupuna who benefit. With school out for the summer, many families are spending more time at home and trying to stay cool as the days heat up.


“We used to feel like our house became a hot box over the summer,” mentioned Erica of Maunawilli.

She had several QuietCool fans installed that targeted both the living area and the individual bedrooms. Each unit is separately controlled, making it a perfect match for the needs of her family.

“With two boys home during summer break,” Erica said, “I just couldn’t afford to run the A/C all day long. Quiet-Cool offered us an alternative solution and has saved us a lot on our electric bill.”

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s distributor for QuietCool for homeowners, builders and do-it-yourselfers. Call 672-2300 to speak with owners Ivan or Al Whitworth or visit islandcooling.com.

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