By Elima Pangorang

It’s now about half way through May, which means that the current spring season is winding down, and the switch to summer is just around the corner come June 21. While summer is known to warm things up with sunny beach days and breezy cruise sessions, here in the Islands, it is also the start of an anxiety-filled hurricane season; “Will this storm be the one to hit?”

Well, one can never be too prepared for such events and that’s why Windows Hawaii, the Hawaii’s premier choice of quality window and door products, wants to help residents and their homes in times of inclement weather.


The company has a grand selection of windows and doors to withstand the harmful effects of stormy weather with its Alii Extreme line of products that are tailor-made for Hawaii’s tropical climate.

These “extreme” products equate to its name as it features extra protection during bad weather. This comes in the added Sound/ Security Package that Windows Hawaii is offering to customers at no additional charge for the entire month of May.

Package perks include a 1/8-3/16 glass combination that provides extra protection in rough conditions while its triple-strength (3/16) glass functions as an efficient noise reducer and that added sense of comfort when winds are howling.


Additionally, cam-style locks make for a weather-tight seal and a triple-fin weather strip, which blocks air flow and decreases thermal transfer. There also is a lifetime installation and product warranty on the windows for as long as you own your home.

The 2018 Pacific hurricane season officially begins June 1, but it’s never too late to add that extra layer of safety, along with peace of mind to your dwelling. Plus, with Windows Hawaii’s lasting products, your home will be covered in energy efficiency, security and aesthetic, even after the hurricane season’s end.

Protect your sanctuary and your loved ones within it with Windows Hawaii’s Alii Extreme product line, and take advantage of the series’ Sound/Security Package special available until May 30.

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