The recent cool weather has akamai homeowners planning ahead for the summer to come.

“After seeing a demonstration at the BIA (Building Industry Association) Home Expo, I got my QuietCool system installed well before summer,” said Paula Ikeda of Waikele about Island Cooling LLC’s trusty product.

Ikeda is one of many Hawaii residents who have installed a whole house fan to cool and ventilate their homes.


“I would come home at the end of the day to a hot, stuffy home, (and) I would say to my husband, ‘It’s cooler outside, why can’t we get that cool air into our house?'” she said.

For Ikeda, a QuietCool whole house fan was the perfect solution.

A QuietCool system is installed in the attic of the home with an intake on the ceiling and controlled by a timer or smart home control. When switched on, this energy efficient system draws air out of the living space, while simultaneously blowing heat out of the attic and bringing fresh air into the home. Homeowners may have one or more units installed based on the layout and size of the residence.

“Whole house fans complement our lifestyle,” said Al Whitworth of Island Cooling. “They are energy efficient, affordable and take advantage of natural climate conditions to cool the home.”


According to Island Cooling, more than 4,000 systems have been installed statewide, with more than 700 systems installed locally during 2017 alone.

“QuietCool’s EC (electronically commutated) brushless motor is incredibly efficient and can ventilate a bedroom on as little as $0.02 per hour. The motor is also sealed, which is great for our local conditions,” said Whitworth.

Kyle Cunningham installed a fan system in his Ewa Beach home several years ago and has been enjoying it ever since.

“My favorite fan is the one in my master bedroom,” he said. “It provides enough circulation to make it comfortable and not stuffy.


When it’s cool like it’s been recently, fans that blow directly are too cold. The QuietCool is just perfect.”

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