’Tis the season for safety in the bathroom, tub

By Hawaii Renovation Posted in: BathInterior
December 24, 2017

Hawaii has one of the largest senior populations per capita in the U.S. So, a good motto to have is “better safe than sorry,” since falling down injures 93 percent of all seniors. More importantly, 74 percent of these falls take place in the bathroom, while getting in and out of the bathtub. A safe bathing area can be a lifesaver in so many ways and here are just a few examples:

• Quality of life: As we get older we want to travel, but if you get injured then trips are out, as well as a lot of other activities. Just staying home and watching the television is not good for anyone’s health, so be proactive and make your bathroom a safe environment before an injury gets you stuck inside.

• Our spouses: If a wife gets hurt, a husband is stuck (and vice versa). All those senior activities, like golf, senior centers, shopping and visiting friends, are out.

• Our children: The kids barely have enough time for work and their own kids, and then their parents need their help, even if their parents don’t ask for it. Ease any extra burden by taking action ahead of time.

You might be wondering how you can be proactive. Well, get ahead of the game by making your tub a safe walk-in shower with a seat and handibars with a non-slip surface. Or, if you love the tub, get a walk-in bathtub. Be proactive and do it now. It will save you money because it won’t be rushed or considered an emergency. Also, you will have peace of mind, taking out the 74 percent chance of falling in your bathroom and getting injured.

Visit Tropical Wholesale Baths at its showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. to see its more than 50 options for walk-in tubs and safe shower semi-handicap conversions. Get ahead of the game, be proactive and save dollars to keep that quality of life that’s so precious. You may also call the company at 593-2000 or 292-2942 for more information.

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