Residents are not getting the summer’s heat now, but there are many other reasons to call T&T Tinting Specialists. First, Glass Graphics create an “etched work of art” on entry windows, glass shower doors and other glass surfaces in your home. See the largest selection of custom graphics in the state at, or T&T Tinting’s in-house graphic designer can create a one-of-a-kind design specifically for you. Enjoy the look of etched glass for a fraction of the cost.

Secondly, security films protect against forced entry. Recently, vandals tried to break into Iolani Palace. After many attempts to kick in the glass, they broke the locking mechanism to get in (they couldn’t get in through the 8-mil security film that held the glass together). If a burglar had made that much noise in your neighborhood, the police would be on the way very quickly.


Third, the newest safety technology used on the glass in the FBI building in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles International Airport, C-Bond, is now available for your home. In the case of a windstorm, flying shards of glass are a thing of the past. The C-Bond system is a liquid compound that covalently seals your window’s inherent imperfections and makes it shatter resistant. Check out the video at

Get your T&T Tinting gift certificates now by purchasing at or stopping by 3035 Koapaka St. or T&T Tinting’s shop near Ala Moana at 1014 Kawaiahao St. T&T Tinting’s gift certificates come in any denomination and can be used on all the company’s products for home, office or automobile.

In the auto division, certificates can be redeemed for FormulaOne Performance Auto Tint, the nation’s best.


Plus, there’s AIR 80 Wind-shield Heat Blocker, the C-Bond system for your car, dashboard covers, pro detailers’ waxes, polishes and more. These are great gifts for anyone on your list.

Have a cool holiday season, from T&T Tinting Specialists! Pop by 3035 Koapaka St. or 1014 Kawaiahao St. near Ala

Moana, or call 275-4565 and explore for more information.

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