Ryan Graham grew up with a hammer in one hand and nails in the other. As the son of Graham Builders owner and CEO Danny Graham, Ryan followed in his father’s footsteps in the building industry, investing the time and commitment to become a seasoned building professional. Currently, Ryan is the vice president of operations, overseeing the sales, design, estimating and construction departments, while working closely with clients throughout the design-build process.

Several years ago, Graham Builders purchased an empty lot in an East Oahu neighborhood. The firm built a spec (short for speculative) home to showcase its trademark design strategy for multi-generational living, unmatched quality of work and materials, and the value associated with Graham Builders’ best practices building and standards.

Setting the foundation


The value and longevity that Graham Builders puts into every one of its newly built homes and renovations starts at the foundation.

To build a home that lasts for generations, quality work and attention to detail begins well before the first nail is driven. The first step is to assess the soil and build a solid foundation.

This particular East Oahu valley is known for having poor soil that can move, so Graham Builders excavated three feet below ground to properly backfill and stabilize the new home. This foresight adds decades to the longevity of a home, as well as peace of mind for the homeowner.


“Slow movement over time affects the structure of the house. Once it starts — cracks in the foundation, cracks in the walls, things fall out of alignment — it’s not going to stop,” said Ryan. “A client may not visually see the return on investment if a portion of their budget is going toward a retaining wall or foundation, but in the long run it’s extremely beneficial because it provides long-term value — the house will last so much longer.”

Graham Builders designed the 2,100-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bath home with aging-in-place features and an open floor plan that includes cut-off corners for an overall, more comfortable — and pleasing — interior aesthetic.

New home inventory is extremely low in East Oahu. After seeing the finished product, Ryan had an epiphany. Newly married, he realized that this strong and beautiful home would last a lifetime — it would be the perfect forever home for his family. The house never made it to market. Ryan purchased the home and can feel confident that his Graham Builders’ home will always be a safe and welcoming place for family and friends.


Learn more about a Graham Builders’ “Home for Life.” Join the company at its free upcoming “Building Your Home For Life” seminar Saturday, Nov. 4 from 9 to 11 a.m. at Honolulu Countr Club. Get educated about the design and build process by registering online today at GrahamBuilders.com or by calling 593-2808.

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