I wouldn’t call myself cheap, but I do like to maximize the money that I have. When I go to stores like Target or Babies “R” Us, I shop with my phone in hand, looking for better prices online so that I can price match at the register. When I go clothes shopping, I try to find basics that I can mix and match with the other items in my closet.

I go classic whenever possible, and I try to stay away from trends. However, sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I look for ways to incorporate trends that will not break the bank and can easily be switched out later. One of the newest trends in home interiors is adding dark green to your home. With the holiday season just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to add it to yours.

Kitchen and bath


White cabinets are no longer on-trend, perhaps because of their propensity to collect fingerprints and stains. Start small. In the kitchen, try it on the island or range hood. In the bathroom, use it for a vanity or shelving.

Paint the walls

Painting is one of those things that makes a big impact but can be easily switched out with relatively little investment of time and money. Keep it simple by starting with an accent wall. Dark green behind your TV can help to make the screen pop. If you have a fireplace, dark green on that wall can lend a wintery feel perfect for the upcoming months.

Lay it down

If you are retiling, look for patterns in the tile that include dark green. For less of a commitment, search for area or accent rugs. If it’s a large rug, look for patterns with touches of dark green rather than large swaths.



Staple accessories in my home include vases with big, leafy monstera leaves. These add touches of the hue in unexpected places and can last for a couple of months. Bonus: If you plant them in your garden or get them from a friend, they’re free. You can also accessorize with dark green picture frames, vases or throw pillows.

Going green all over might be a step too far

Start with baby steps and accompany the hue with colors you would find in nature. Complement dark green items with earthy tones like beige, cream and brown.

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