A little extra effort in customer service goes a long way. At least, that’s what loyal customers to local company Windows Hawaii believe.

Reuben and Roberta Song installed brand-new windows in their St. Louis home about a month ago. And, they couldn’t be happier with both, the high-quality products and superb customer service from Windows Hawaii. In fact, Roberta has already recommended the company to a number of her friends who are in the market for new windows.


“I thought it was going to take them a week to do the installation, and the installation crew did it in two days,” she said. “They were neat, they cleaned up every day, and they didn’t leave their tools lying around. They vacuumed our house when they were done and always put everything back. We were shocked.

“We remodeled our house before, and if you’ve had renovations done in your home, you know how it goes. There are delays and sometimes, things don’t fit. But the Windows Hawaii installation crew was terrific; they really knew what they were doing.”

Roberta said she and Reuben first heard of Windows Hawaii through the company’s TV ads, as well as from a friend’s referral.


Roberta admitted that with renovations needing to be done in every room of their 50-year-old, three bedroom and one bath house she was nervous that it would “be a nightmare,” even if their house is not that big.

But, from the time window measurements were taken, Roberta knew their house was in good hands. She said the Windows Hawaii team was thorough in taking measurements, and their installation crew was quick and efficient. Song also said she and her husband could immediately tell the difference once their new windows were installed.

“We notice now that our air conditioning system is much more efficient,” she shared. “Our house gets windy because we’re on a hill. Even with the jalousies we had before, we would still hear noise when the air would come through. Now, our house is way more energy efficient and the noise from the outside is reduced.


“Windows Hawaii did a great job from beginning to end. Mario was upfront and told us everything we needed to know about the windows. We were really impressed, and we highly recommend them.”

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address // 91-489B Komohana St.
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