Right at the top of the list of features to consider in designing a new custom home or remodeling an existing home is ventilation.

“We routinely emphasize ventilation in our custom plans,” said Homeworks president Jim Byxbee. “And (we) maximize opportunities to create natural sources of fresh air for a home wherever possible. Initially, the orientation of the structure on the site with relation to wind and sunlight is a key factor … if the orientation is not ideal, the placement of windows and doors can improve conditions within the home for temperature and air quality control.”

Byxbee noted that most new homes today are equipped with air-conditioning, whether central or ductless split systems. “If a home was constructed without built-in central air-conditioning, a split system can be added later room by room. Although I designed my own home to maximize natural ventilation with open interior spaces and access to outdoor areas, I recently found that additional cooling was needed, so I installed a split system in the more enclosed areas, such as bedrooms. The newer ductless split systems are energy-efficient and effective.


“Another less costly alternative is ceiling fans. They come in a variety of styles and a wide price range …some even incorporate lighting. However, they require a licensed electrician to install them properly.”

For more helpful hints on ventilation or any building or remodeling needs, tune in to the “Build New Or ReDo” radio show hosted by Jim Byxbee and Rick Hamada on Saturday mornings from 9 to 10 a.m. on KHVH Radio AM830.

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