Oahu’s Customer Grid Supply program (your last chance to install a whole home photovoltaic [PV] system without batteries) is quickly coming to a close.

“Grid Supply,” for short, is a Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) program in which customers with PV solar panels receive credit for electricity they send to the grid. The application deadline is Oct. 21, 2017.

If you know you want to go solar, applying for Grid Supply now and “grandfathering” yourself into the program for 24 months after approval will buy you time to make a few important decisions.

Do you want batteries?

Submitting applications to both Grid and Self-Supply programs at the same time gives you the option of getting a PV system with or without batteries. Applying does not cost more nor does it obligate you to build either one.



“Some people are doing home improvement projects and aren’t ready to go solar right now,” said RevoluSun Smart Home’s director of sales David Gorman. “My advice to them is to submit an application anyway. They’ll have two years after receiving approval to build their system.” If they don’t build, there’s no penalty.

How to pay for it

RevoluSun recently introduced a worry-free solar lease program for Oahu homeowners called Smart Power. Its benefi ts include:

• No upfront payments.

• RevoluSun installs, owns, maintains and insures the PV system.

• Smart Power electricity rates are 20-40 percent lower than today’s HECO rates.


• Smart Power rates are set for 20 years — they will not increase.

• The lease is transferrable.

• Flexible and fair buyout options.

• Smart Power systems and leases are serviced locally by RevoluSun.

“The important thing is to get your application in by October 21,” insisted Gorman. “Then you have time to decide what’s best for your family and do your due diligence to fi nd a company you trust to do a good job and be here to support you for the life of your system.”


Call RevoluSun Smar Home or visit its website to learn more. The company also is currently transitioning to their new showroom at SALT. “We’re excited to bring a cleaner, smarter living experience to the hear of Kakaako,” said Gorman. The showroom will open in November.

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