QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Will you address EMFs? I heard they are dangerous, and that you are supposed to stay away from them.

EMFs are “electromagnetic fields,” generated by electronics. I will address this, however, when I first read your question, I thought about another type of “EMF” — “Energy-draining, Mana-sucking Friend.” For those of you unfamiliar with the word “mana,” it is Hawaiian for “power” or “life force.”

Do you have energy-draining, mana-sucking friends or family members? EMFs zap your energy, live in a world of negativity, lean on you too much and leave you feeling drained. When they call, you think, “Ugh,” and then either let the call go to voicemail or brace yourself for a tiring interaction. Here’s a more effective strategy to deal with these people.


• Limit your contact. If you can’t, always start out the conversation with something like, “I only have a few minutes and then I have to go.” Keep the conversation brief and on point, then exit gracefully. If you cannot exit, lovingly tune the person out.

• Do not allow yourself to get pulled in. You may think that you can help this individual fix his or her problems, but it is unlikely. Your best strategy is to set clear and firm limits, and resist offering solutions, even when asked. Listen for a short while, then say something like, “I’m sure you’ll find the right answer for yourself,” or “Things will work themselves out.”

• Watch your emotional response. EMFs like people who react to them. When you offer an overly compassionate ear or get outraged or emotional, you draw them in and teach them that they can depend on you for a reaction. A better strategy is to calmly listen, interact for a bit and then disengage.

Electromagnetic fields in your home

In regards to EMFs in the environment, EMFs are the combination of electrical and magnetic fields that are emitted from your house wiring, televisions, radios, cell phones, hair dryers, microwaves and even digital and electric clocks, and are considered by many to be harmful to our bodies. Tips to reduce your exposure to EMFs include:


• If large office equipment, a television, or computer is on the other side of the bedroom wall behind your head, consider moving your bed or the equipment, as EMFs penetrate all building materials.

• In the bedroom, remove all electrical devices, or place them as far away from your bed as possible, especially TVs, cell phones and computers.

• Move far away from your microwave when it is on.

EMFs from electrical devices were not an issue, even 50 years ago, but nowadays, addressing electromagnetic energy fields and even energy-draining people is essential to our wellness.


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