By Al Whitworth

As a family business, we look to make our community more comfortable, more efficient and to help Hawaii reach its energy sustainability goals. With more than 3,400 systems sold — and as a recipient of the 2015 “Hawaii’s Best” award for best cooling company — Island Cooling is Hawaii’s authorized distributor of QuietCool systems.

Nine years ago, my brother Ivan Whitworth and I started Island Cooling LLC to focus on energy-efficient home-cooling methods. We thought in terms of solutions to problems we were faced with on a day-to-day basis.

For instance, was there a cooling system that works with open windows? What kind of ventilation could fit with the different types of local construction and still cost pennies per hour to run? Is there something that complements an air conditioner, if needed, but still provides increased comfort on days when folks don’t want to chill their homes?


We found that the Quiet-Cool whole house fan was the answer. Installed in the attic of the home, this system ventilates living space, draws fresh air into the home and pushes hot, trapped air out of the attic. QuietCool is very energy efficient, with customers reporting an average electrical savings of $80 per month versus using an air conditioner during the summer. Best of all, the fan fits with the island indoor/ outdoor lifestyle — it works with open windows, meaning people don’t have to close up their homes, as one would with an air conditioner.

For most folks, a home consultation is the place to start. During that visit, Island Cooling certified green professionals check the living area for heat patterns, and also inspect the attic and ventilations of the home. From there, we recommend a specific system that fits the home and customer.

Our network of licensed installers ensures that the systems are installed quickly and correctly to take advantage of the industry-leading, 15-year warranty. Hawaii Energy even provides a $75 rebate per system.

For more information, please visit the website at or call 672-2300.

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