A/C installation has customers feeling refreshed

By Kelli Shiroma Posted in: ImproveTips

With the unrelenting heat, air conditioner (A/C) installation has been in high demand. And for stellar customer service and quality that can’t be beat, look no further than A One Electric.

The company has been owned by electrical and A/C contractor Edwin Lin (License No.: C-32728) for the past eight years. A One not only provides residential and commercial A/C, but also a variety of electrical services, which include residential rewiring, new commercial, new residential and repair and maintenance.

“I actually own two companies — A One Electric and Air City Hawaii,” Lin explained. “Air City Hawaii just started, but I’ve had A One Electric for eight years now.

“There’s a difference between the two,” he clarified. “For Air City, we sell air conditioners online. A One Electric deals with installation. However, Air City Hawaii is undergoing a transition. We want to sell our products to electrical contractors instead of solely focusing on the online market.”

With summer here, Lin acknowledged that A One has been busy. “We have our schedule booked one month in advance,” he said.

Fur thermore, a major emphasis at A One Electric is providing good customer service. “We’re known for thorough cleaning and installation. We always do a good job,” Lin said.

Prospective customers can call Lin for a free estimate and A One Electric sends a quote via email. If customers want to go through with the installation, the process takes about two days, according to Lin.

“We’re known for efficiency and good customer service, and Mitsubishi products tend to be the most popular,” he stated.

The best par t of the process is that if customers want to install more than one A/C, they will receive a discount.

To learn more about A One Electric, call 383-4766.

contact // 383-4766
address // 3012 Waialae Ave.