QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is having the number “four” in my address really considered “bad?” How do I find out the numerology of my home and what it means?

Something that plays a part in feng shui is numerology. I get asked most about the number “four,” which many have heard is “unlucky,” because it sounds like “death” when said in Cantonese. This belief is based on cultural superstition and outdated thinking that serves no one.


My viewpoint on the number four is that like any other number, “four” is neither intrinsically good nor bad. We are in charge of the energy we create in our lives, and only through the meaning you give a number, can it have any control over your life.

Your home’s number

Your goal is to reduce the numbers of the street or apartment down to a single digit.

For example, if your home number is 1426 Happy Valley Way, you add 1 + 4 + 2 + 6 = 13, and then 13 is reduced to 1 + 3 = 4.


After you reduce the numbers to their numerological value, read the corresponding basic descriptions that follow and use them to enhance the energy of your space:

One: Symbolizing being “at one” with life; the “one” energy represents new beginnings, self-development, creativity and progress.

Two: Symbolizing balance, cooperation and complementary opposites; the “two” energy is considered ideal for developing relationships with others.

Three: Expressing creativity, family and self-expression; the “three” energy is associated with the body, mind and soul, enhances optimism and is perfect for those who like to entertain.

Four: Emphasizing stability and security; the “four” energy is associated with productivity and great energy for balancing one’s life.

Five: Resonating with fun; the “five” energy promotes excitement and impulsiveness, and represents freedom, resourcefulness and adventure.

Six: Symbolizing home, love and beauty in feng shui; the “six” energy represents service to family, the environment, animals and the community.

Seven: Emphasizing contemplation, self-evaluation, solitude and spirituality; a “seven” means that the home is one that supports rest and quietude.

Eight: Related to material prosperity; the “eight” energy expresses infinite possibilities, abundance and success, drawing opportunities toward you.

Nine: Symbolizing wisdom and achievement; “nine” is the highest number in numerology. It brings the energy of the “highest” possibility to those in the home.

Remember, you create your experience. Don’t let a superstition or hearsay dictate the direction of your life.

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