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The Cool Roof Store is having its grand opening sale at its new location on the corner of South Beretania and Keeaumoku streets this Saturday, July 29 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In celebration of its new, convenient location, the Cool Roof Store will be having a sale on its most popular roof, wall and deck coatings. The company will also be doing some hands-on instructions on how to put down silicone roof coatings. Be sure to come early to get a good seat.

Some of the questions being answered at the seminar will include:

How do I know if my asphalt shingles are a candidate for a roof coating?

My flat roof has heavy ponding water. What are the real differences between the top silicone coatings?

My concrete Monier tile roof has plenty of cracked tiles and the color has been faded by the sun and mildew. Do I have to replace it?

I have a commercial metal roof that I want to put solar panels on that are guaranteed for 20 years. Can I get a labor and material warranty for that long underneath solar?

I get a lot of sun exposure on the west side of my home and it gets hot in the afternoon. Will the NXT Cool Zone for walls last longer than regular paint and cool down my house?

My asphalt driveway coating seems to fade and crack after just a few years and the grass grows through the cracks, making the problem worse. Plus, the black coating is hot and looks ugly. I wish it came in colors. Will the NXT PaveCoat for decks protect my driveway?


With its new location, the Cool Roof Store is introducing some new heat-reflective coatings for walls and decks as well.

The company will be celebrating this grand-opening sale with its lowest prices ever on its top sellers, as well as the new heat-reflecting wall and deck coatings.

The NXT coatings come from Australia where the revolutionary Thermal Protection Technology was developed to cool down homes without sacrificing color choice. NXT Cool Coat’s nanotechnology helps keep homes cooler by using advanced cross-linking polymer for ultra durability. Its fade-resistant micronized pigments are infused with saturated color, which makes it highly resistant to chemicals, UV light and heat. Many homes report lowered interior temperatures from 5 to 12 degrees.

Here are some of the products that will be on sale — at their lowest prices ever — for one day only at the grand opening:

Cool Roof Store silicone for roofs


Both versions of the company’s silicone will be on sale. The top-of-the-line HD-50 version comes with a 50-year material warranty and is self-leveling for flat roofs. The more economical version of the silicone also comes in a non-leveling version that is good for moderately pitched roofs and parapet walls.

NXT Cool Coat for walls

Imagine a paint that is tough enough to withstand direct sun and rain exposure on a roof. Now imagine this paint is made to be on exterior walls in a beautiful low-sheen, matte finish. You get all the same durable pigments used in its roof coating, but now it’s on the walls where you typically get less sun exposure.

That’s why there’s a 12-year warranty against fading or peeling offered. Because it is more heat-stable than ordinary house paint, it will last much longer due to its superior pigments with cross-linking polymer chemistry.


The ever-popular GacoRoof is always a hit with homeowners and will be at its lowest price ever at the Cool Roof Store.

NXT PaveCoat for decks


This is formulated with the same heat-reflective tints for the roof and wall coating, but it also has strengthened abrasion resistance so it can be driven over or used as a pedestrian deck. It can be applied over concrete, wood and asphalt driveways with the proper primer.

NXT Cool Coat for roofs

This roof coating is ver popular on all concrete, Monier and clay tile roofs, as well as corrugated metal roofs, asphalt and aluminum shingles.

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