Kai Ridge Hawaii is a locally owned and fully licensed general contracting company that has built many homes on the island of Oahu, and is trustworthy and reliable. The company has the qualified and experienced project managers on its team with numerous years of experience in commercial and residential projects. Building a home is an exciting journey and Kai Ridge Hawaii’s experienced project manager will be with you and guide you every step of the way.

Another Kai Ridge existing client referred this client to the company. Kai Ridge had an in-house architect and worked together with the architect to customize his design of the floor plan. “This young couple (had) no experience, we helped them from design, permitting, planning, constructing, and all the way to the finish home,” said the project manager, Derrick. “We were involved with our client at the early stage of the process, so we understand (the) client’s needs and (recommended) the best fit for them and gave them the accurate cost estimation.” Kai Ridge also brought its client to the model home that it built nearby their house around the Kaimuki neighborhood, so they could visualize what Kai Ridge is building. Kai Ridge’s client was very appreciative and happy that the company helped them from beginning to end. Most importantly, the company helped them in a timely manner, and finished the project timely.


Kai Ridge’s first commitment is to quality. It is an easy word to use in promotion, but it takes honest, conscientious effort to maintain quality in any Hawaii construction project. Its personnel put in that extra effort. Second, Kai Ridge is committed to cost saving. This means its management and purchasing departments put extra effort into buying materials that save clients money. Kai Ridge’s cost-saving policy requires experience and smart purchasing strategies, which it has that. Third, Kai Ridge is committed to excellent service. This translates into working closely with its clients and maintaining fluid communication. Its personnel are as courteous and friendly as they are professional. Kai Ridge is taking the “ultra energy efficient home” concept into design. The company is inspired to build “green,” rather than be wasteful or environmentally harmful.

As a general contractor here in Honolulu, Kai Ridge can build collaboratively with trade subcontractors to improve efficiency and speed in any building construction project. Kai Ridge Hawaii is fully bonded and licensed in each engineering/construction field. Its licensure and insurance protects you and your new home from unforeseen events. Kai Ridge and its trade subcontractors are all licensed as well. All of its personnel are experts in their departments of expertise. This protects the client, in the event of project-related bodily injury, accident, property damage, etc. Kai Ridge Hawaii carries the liability for this. (NOTE: Hawaii law requires any construction project more than $500 to be performed by licensed specialists in the field of the work.) Clients have commented, “With Kai Ridge Hawaii, you have no worries. You are in safe hands.”

More than 50 percent of Kai Ridge Hawaii’s existing business are from repeat or referral clients. Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction not only meets industry standards, but also goes above and beyond to ensure its projects reflect the company’s brand and culture. Its residential portfolio includes the luxury renovation in Waialae Iki residential area, contemporary renovation to rental residential complex in the heart of Kapiolani, and new builds in various locations on the island of Oahu. Kai Ridge Hawaii’s commercial portfolio include: medical facility, retail stores at premier shopping mall, boutique store, restaurant, multi-unit residential, commercial storage, office, and tenant improvement.


Check out Kai Ridge Hawaii’s website at kairidgehawaii.com or like the company on Facebook.

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