With the rising trend of European-style in kitchen and bath design, there is also an influx of European-style components, specifically, with gourmet appliances. Companies that have been around for hundreds of years like Gaggenau and Miele are recording large volumes of sales in the U.S. market due to three significant reasons: more stylized design options, outstanding performance, and ease of use for the consumer with gourmet capabilities.

Recently, INspiration Interiors received a second place national award in Orlando, Florida during the Kitchen and Bath Show, and Design and Construction Week.


The company prides its ability to integrate numerous appliances into a kitchen, which include a Miele fully integrated 30-inch refrigerator, Miele integrated dishwasher, built-in Miele 24-inch combination steam oven, among many other appliances installed. Glass cabinetry was used to panel finish all the integrated appliances. Miele also offers colored glass finishes on some of its appliances.

With companies like Miele constantly pushing the envelope for performance and innovative technology, it’s no wonder it uses the mantra “Immer Besser,” which means “always better.”

As one of the industry leaders, its German engineering has withstood the test of time. The new technology of M-Touch provides a touch control panel that makes for ease of use when navigating the system for each appliance and the hundreds of options available to use with each appliance. One of the most popular of these appliances is Miele’s Combination Steam-Oven and Speed-Oven. Its cooking technology combines steam-cooking technology with true European convection baking, surrounding or broiling modes. It simply adds moisture to the traditional cooking mode for excellent results on baked goods and ideal for fi sh and poultry. Steam cooking retains also the flavor and nutrients of the food without the added fats or oils.


European appliances are replacing the microwave with the speed and steam-oven technologies. The speed oven has the same functions and even more, than that of the traditional microwave. The speed oven contains a high-frequency tube called a “magnetron.” It converts electrical energy into microwaves. The microwaves are then distributed evenly throughout the metal sides of the oven interior to reach the food from all sides. The advantages to this technology are that defrosting, heating and cooking are faster than using a conventional oven and nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, are generally retained, overall making it better cooking technology for your health.

Options that are available with a simple touch of a button include: different languages, and different operation modes. With ease of use comes a whole new level of gourmet cooking experience for customers in the comfort of their own kitchen.

INspiration Kitchens will be hosting Miele appliance demonstration classes this summer with Miele Chef Michy from the Beverly Hills Showroom. If you are interested in attending the classes, email for a brochure request.

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