“Summer seems to come earlier every year,” said Saori Doi of East Honolulu. “I was worried that soon I would be running the A/C all the time.” Many other Hawaii homeowners who have resigned themselves to increasingly hot homes, as well as the higher cooling bills that accompany them, echo Saori’s sentiment.

In the midst of this heat, a re-emerging technology that’s grabbing a second look is the QuietCool whole house fan system. Installed in the attic with an intake at the ceiling, the system allows a homeowner to quickly suck hot air out of the house, blow trapped heat out of the attic, and draw fresh air inside — typically at a fraction of the cost of traditional A/C.


Al Whitworth of Island Cooling explained one of the reasons QuietCool has been so effective. “It’s perfect for the indoor-outdoor way we live. Rather than having to close windows and doors and hiding out with chilled air, the system takes advantage of natural airflow, greatly expanding the comfort range for the homeowner.


Saori tried the system out last year. After testing the system through the Hawaii summer she wrote, “QuietCool helped us live comfortably last summer, I feel it was a great purchase. Now that the activities have spread the family out to the new side of the house, we would like to add two more to make that part of the house more comfortable.”

“QuietCool and air conditioning complement each other and are not competition,” explained Ivan Whitworth. “There are a number of homes with both installed, and homeowners typically use their QuietCool more.”


Juliana Simone is one of them. The North Shore real estate agent commented on her experience. “I am thrilled with the QuietCool system that works so well. After coming home to a hot and stuffy house it only takes about 10 minutes to feel the cooler outdoor air after turning it on. It works so well that I almost never use the 6,000 BTU split A/C that I also installed the same day.”

Ricky and Michelle Jaramillo agreed. The Kailua-Kona residents recently had their system installed and wrote: “What a difference it has made to the house. Before, the house would heat up all day and the attic space held all that heat.

Now, if we run these fans say from 5 to about 8 p.m. the living space is really cool with good airflow and it stays decent through the night. The next morning the house temperature is still decent. So, with just the two fans operating, what a big difference it has made.”


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