HR-021217-Big-Rock-2Are you tired of looking at those plain cement walls?

Could your entryway and columns look better? Why not transform it all by covering it with Big Rock stone veneer? It’s easy and fun.

First, you need to measure the height and length of the wall. Are you wrapping the stone around any corners? If so, measure the distance around the corners. Or, if you’re covering plain bare concrete or wood columns with stone, measure the height and the width per side.

The next easiest thing to do is to call or email vice-president and co-owner Bonnie Cooper or executive office administrator Lori Garcia, at Big Rock with these measurements. If you are unsure, do a quick drawing as Big Rock can only work off the dimensions you give the company. This way you will know that you’re going to get the exact amount of stone needed for the project.


Everything required for your installation will be calculated, including the sand and mortar to install the stone. If you live off island, Big Rock will ship the stone to you, but if you’re on Oahu, just go to Big Rock and pick it up.

A complete set of instructions will accompany your order, and if you’re at all uncertain about anything, Cooper and president and co-owner Brian Joy will walk you through the process.

Big Rock Stone Veneer is installed on any existing wall surface, using ultra mortar and masonry sand. It provides pre-measured bags of powdered dyes so your mortar will match the rock. This makes your job look more professional and attractive versus using plain gray mortar.

The stone veneer comes in flat pieces to cover the flat wall surfaces, and corner pieces that wrap around corners or for covering columns. Corner pieces also can be used to cover the tops of property walls or planters, so the overall appearance is that of a natural stonewall.


Big Rock has been manufacturing veneer and its unique stone landscape items on Oahu for 34 years. Its stone looks 100 percent natural, and the company guarantees that there’s no way you could tell it isn’t real stone.

The company specializes in only Hawaiian stones such as Moss Rock, Lava, Coral, Blue Rock and Ulupalakua. If you’re looking for a contemporary or “Mainland” look, the company does distribute Coronado Stone. Since Big Rock products are made here on Oahu, they are readily available, whereas Coronado Stone will take about three weeks to arrive.

Big Rock is a local company, and the stone is manufactured with locally harvested raw materials, and made daily at its Mapunapuna plant. The company has always tried to encourage homeowners to do their own projects, as the stone veneer is about 2 inches thick, is not heavy and is easy to install.

Take a look around your home and garden today to see if there isn’t a space that could use Big Rock’s beautiful stonework. Then, go down to Big Rock to see what different types it has to offer. And don’t forget your measurements.

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