Homeworks Construction continues its popular Build New Or ReDo seminar series in 2017. The free seminars are conducted from 6 to 8 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month with the exception of July and cover a variety of timely topics (see below).

Held in the Homeworks Showroom at 2111 S. Beretania St., the seminars are hosted by Homeworks sales coordinator Kim Green, a Certified Green Professional and Aging In Place Specialist. He attributes the popularity and longevity of the seminars to their unstructured format, which enables attendees to pose questions to the speakers and meet in a one-on-one basis with the specialists of their choice.


Green is often joined by guest speakers such as Guild Mortgage sales manager Mark James, who covers financing available for building and remodeling projects.

“Although we publish our topics in advance, we also are prepared to respond to the special interests of the folks in attendance,” Green said. “Currently people are looking for the latest information on Accessory Dwelling Units, which we provide, along with original designs prepared by our Homeworks architects and adaptable to the needs and budget of the property owner. But the questions we hear most frequently concern whether to ‘build new or redo,’ which we can answer only theoretically until we actually visit the property. We invite attendees to bring along photos, as well as newspaper articles on similar projects.”

Reservations should be made in advance by calling 955-2777.


Feb. 7 • The Homeworks Design/Build Process; ADU Rules Update; New ruling on fire sprinklers

Mar. 7 • What makes the Homeworks process different and how “design/build” benefits clients; Should I build new or renovate?

Apr. 4 • Multigenerational new builds and remodels; Can I have an ADU with a multigenerational home?; Will new fire sprinkler rules impact my project?

May 2 • Converting a home for “aging in place” comfort; Making an ADU age-friendly

June 6 • What is the most affordable/efficient construction; Design/build … How it saves time and money

Jul. 11 • Know how your home operates; Foundation to roof checklist and troubleshooting

Aug. 1 • Remodeling for growing families; ADU as separate unit or added wing/floor

Sept. 5 • Is my home’s electrical system safe and equipped to add new technology?; Transforming your home into a “smart house”

Oct. 3 • Shall I build new or redo; When does it make sense to demolish and rebuild?

Nov. 7 • A new home for the new year; Start planning now

Dec. 5 • Multigenerational living; Custom additions and age-friendly designs

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