I have always been amazed at how easily paint can transform a room. I love how the colors you choose can make a room feel calm and tranquil or fun and lively. What I don’t love, however, is how hard it can be when it comes down to choosing which color to use.

Everyone seems to have a rule for what you can and cannot do. Often, this results in homeowners choosing “safe” neutrals or, even worse, putting off their projects for so long that they never get done. Although I am a notorious rule follower for most things in life, there are some rules that are meant to be broken. One in particular : avoiding black paint.



Black paint has been shunned by many homeowners for many reasons. They fear it is too dark. It will make their homes look too small, or, even worse, they will give off a dreary or even gothic vibe. However, because black can be thought of as the presence of all colors, those in the know consider it a type of neutral. It can go with nearly any color scheme you may have. You do not have to fear the black paint. If you want to make it work in your home, consider some of these strategies:

• Paint smaller walls. Have a wall with large windows? Or one with mirrors? Paint it black. It will allow the space around the windows and mirrors to serve as a background and actually make your space seem larger.


• Create a backdrop. Because a black wall will allow things to pop when they are placed on it, black paint makes the perfect choice for a gallery wall. Opt for a flat finish so that the only reflections will come from the art, not the wall.


• Make other colors pop. The good thing about black is that it allows whites and other colors to really stand out. Paint around white and wood accents to draw attention to them.

• Think outside the walls. Walls are not the only surfaces in a home for paint. Use it for cabinetry or staircases. For a smaller commitment, use it for furniture like dressers, tables or chairs.