With Hawaii’s harsh climate conditions , having a maintenance-free home is tough, but not out of reach. Today, there are many maintenance free products including vinyl windows and vinyl siding. Vinyl is a proven product with more than 50 years of success here in Hawaii. Since the first vinyl product was introduced to the Hawaii vinyl siding, many others have followed. These include vinyl windows, fencing, decking, gutters and even vinyl paint (interior and exterior). The best thing about vinyl products is they are all maintenance free.

Here are some reasons and sure ways to pick the right product and company/contractor for vinyl products in Hawaii.

In 1960, the first vinyl products were installed in Hawaii. You may remember the commercials, “Vinyl is Final.” Matthew and Michael Houar, owners of Tropical Wholesale are still here today installing the best window and vinyl siding products money can buy. Tropical is the first company to bring, install and manufacture vinyl windows in Hawaii. With more than 38 years of experience in Hawaii with vinyl windows and more than 40 years in vinyl siding, Tropical is Hawaii’s expert for vinyl products. With more than 10,000 jobs in Hawaii installed on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island, Tropical has covered a lot of ground and gained a lot of experience.


When asked how to choose a vinyl siding product, Matthew Houar responded with one word, “Thickness.” Houar went on to say that most sidings that have been installed in Hawaii are only 35-40 thousandths of an inch thick which is equivalent to a stack of 10 sheets of paper. Now, companies are filling the back with foams and cheap insulations. Houar said call Tropical for the thickest vinyl product made — at least 10 times thicker than other brands.

When Mike Houar was asked how to choose the best windows, he said quality. You need the right designed and manufactured product. Tropical has designed its own windows since 1983. All designs have been made for Hawaii’s tough salt air conditions.

Tropical Windows have the only lifetime material, hardware and voluntary lifetime workmanship warranty.

Matt Houar said it’s simple to choose an installing contractor. When buying a lifetime warranted product, make sure the business has been operating in Hawaii for more than 10 years; check for bonding and liability insurance; workman compensation; and ask to talk to the owner and contractor. Houar said also that he has seen many companies go out of business. Most are Mainland owned and operated, he recommends buying local.

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