By Jackie Perreira

Akamai Pest Solutions is smart (Akamai means “smart” in Hawaiian), but not just because of its name. As a company dedicated to always providing the best for its customers, its primary means of pest control is an organic product named XT2000 Orange Oil.

Orange Oil is made out of distilled orange rinds, making it 95 percent pure orange oil, the other 5 percent being pulp water. It contains no additives and has revolutionized pest control. Owner Roger Meints chose this method because it is not only safer for homes and businesses, but for the environment as well.


The product is harmless, meaning home and business owners no longer have to vacate the premises or worry about lingering harmful gasses.

“For families and children, it’s extremely safe. They can be right there in the home. They don’t have to pack up, they don’t have to move out. elderly, everybody that needs to be very wary of fumigation don’t need to worry at all.

“There’s no residuals, there’s no greenhouse effect,” said branch manager Rhonda Galimba.

Orange Oil is injected straight into the wood. “The fumes from the Orange Oil act as a neurotoxin before the liquid even gets to the termite. And once it gets to the termite it melts off the exoskeleton and even kills its egg,” Galimba said.


Being that it is an organic product, Akamai Pest Solutions is able to install it while you are home by simply injecting the oil into problem areas. No tenting is necessary either.

Akamai Pest Solutions has also stayed up-to-date in termite technology by investing in Termatrac, a device that allows them to see inside of your wood for movement from termites.

Akamai Pest Solutions offers both ground and dry-wood treatment, along with warranties. Every year under that warranty, Akamai Pest Solutions will inspect your home and immediately take care of any new problems.

Akamai Pest Solutions suggests you call the company if you notice any of the following: termite droppings, significant groups of termites or wood damage.


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