Windows Hawaii is well known for carrying the Alii Extreme line of windows and doors by Anlin Window Systems, a quality windows manufacturer. Anlin windows are reputable and highly sought after because they’re created using top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, according to Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia.

“Anlin windows are set apart from the rest because of their construction,” he stated. “The material’s thickness is what makes that master blend the best window choice.”

Anlin windows are known for their durable construction and energy efficiency, as they’re fashioned using state-of-theart equipment and high-quality materials.



Since Anlin is a regional brand, Garcia said the company better understands the Hawaii climate, resulting in products that are tailor-made for island residents.

“Anlin windows are known for their INFINIT e coating, which is on the inside of the glass,” he said. “Anlin is the only exclusive manufacturer that offers INIFINIT e.”

Windows Hawaii is the sole distributor of Anlin windows islandwide, according to Garcia.

“We are the only ones that carry that type of glass — no other company on the island will provide you with the protection that this coating does,” he said.



Garcia said that Anlin windows are highly regarded because of their thickness, which results in a thicker, more rigid frame that’s built to stand up to all weather hazards.

“Anlin windows are known for the thickness of their material,” he said. “It’s 80/100 of an inch thick, which is more than double of other window frames. That’s why it performs a lot better — Anlin window frames don’t sag with time, and they don’t chip, peel or crack. Those are problems with all low-quality windows.”

“The frame is more rigid than a regular, vinyl frame,” Garcia summarized. “The windows’ construction, combined with the INFINIT e coating, makes the Alii Extreme window by Anlin the ideal window choice for Hawaii residents.”

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