Windows Hawaii, a local business that was established in 2007, has been recognized as the fastest-growing window company in the islands. Besides its reputation as the exclusive distributor of the Alii Extreme line of windows and doors by Anlin Window Systems, Windows Hawaii is set apart from other businesses because their windows installations are done in accordance to AAMA standards.

“You won’t find this level of quality at any other company on the island,” said general manager Mario Garcia.


The AAMA — American Architectural Manufacturers Association — has been dedicated to the promotion of quality window, skylight, storefront and door products since 1936. The AAMA consists of the top individuals of the top brands in the construction field, according to Windows Hawaii production manager Kurt Malley.

“They have standards and practices in regards to the manufacturing and installation of the windows,” Malley explained. “They’re proven, recommended methods. Their standards are like a how-to for the best way to install windows. All of our window installations are done in accordance to those AAMA standards.”

“At Windows Hawaii, we use those standards exclusively; we don’t stray away from them at all,” Malley emphasized. “Their (AAMA) standards are our standards.”


While the average customer may not know what AAMA is or what the organization stands for, Windows Hawaii keeps up to date with the industry’s latest practices and standards so they can provide their customers with the best service possible.

“We know the AAMA standards (for installation) are the best way to do it, and we want to do everything the best way every time,” Malley said.

Malley, who has been with Windows Hawaii for three years, is the only AAMA Installation Masters certified installer (see for details) on the island of Oahu. While he physically does not do all the windows installations, he’s in charge of them, as production manager. He summarizes that being AAMA certified makes Windows Hawaii distinct because of their dedication to uphold the highest of standards.


“Whether they know AAMA or not, when they go with Windows Hawaii, customers can have peace of mind knowing that they have someone that’s factory trained and AAMA-trained in charge of their job,” Malley said. “They can rest assured that the windows will be installed the right way every time.”

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