By Jackie Perreira

It’s no secret that this summer has been extremely hot — what with Hawaii’s average summer temperature being 81.1 degrees — but did you know that with the right type of windows you can cool your house down, even without A/C? Windows Hawaii will get you set up so that scorching summer days are a breeze. Take their double-paned Alii Extreme windows, for example, which were created specifi cally for Hawaii’s climate.


“What happens a lot here is people think the only reason to have double-pane windows is to keep A/C contained in your home, but even without A/C it keeps the house a lot cooler. If you have stained glass or jealousies the heat comes right through, but with our windows it keeps heat out, as well as cool air in,” said general manager Mario Garcia.

Windows Hawaii is the exclusive distributor of the Alii Extreme glass, which was developed as a result of 10 years of research. It has a triple-layer silver glass coating, which blocks 96 percent of harmful UV rays, meaning less time running your A/C and less money going toward your electricity bill.

Many homes in Hawaii have jealousies, which appear to have optimal ventilation. Garcia explained that this isn’t the case and to opt for slider windows instead.



“A misconception is that changing to a slider windows reduces air ventilation. Jealousies have 100 percent ventilation, and with slider windows you only get half of the ventilation, yes, but now with the Alii Extreme you don’t need as much ventilation to begin with,” he said.

To get star ted today, call 671-0808 to set up an initial appointment with Windows Hawaii, an A+ rated Better

Business Bureau company. The appointment usually lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the scale of your project. It’s encouraged that all heads of the household be present so as to have a smoother decision-making process.


“We bring our samples and a cut-out of the materials and glass so they can see the difference and why the Alii Extreme is the best thing on the market,” said Garcia.

Beat the heat and make an appointment today.

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