HR-081416-Alice-2QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I’m overwhelmed, feel “stuck,” and my house is a mess. I’d like to take a day off work. Can you suggest a way I can do something simple, yet energetically effective that includes “me” time as well?

Yes, I can! You can do a lot in a day, but first, commit to designating your day off as a personal “renewal day,” and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way. Setting an intention for this day can be a great way to mentally begin lightening up.

Preparation for renewal day

Next, on your calendar, mark the day you choose for renewal. Treat it as a sacred day by dedicating it to yourself and turning down all other appointments. On the day of, just as if you were going on vacation, turn off your phone, and create an email auto-responder, indicating that you are unavailable. Plan all errands for another day and have others step in to do anything else you are responsible for.
General symbolic cleaning

On the day of, set a given amount of time to clean your home, and stick to it. Basically, make the space as tidy as you can, paying special attention to dusting shelves and objects.


Set your intention that this cleaning represents a fresh start on all levels of your being — body, mind, heart and spirit — and when finished, add light to your home by pulling up the shades or blinds.

Move 27 things

Next, a classic feng shui cure for getting unstuck is to move 27 things in your home. In feng shui, “27” is a powerful number. Without going too deeply into the details, “3” is considered a good luck number. If multiplied by itself, “3” becomes 9, the feng shui number of ultimate power. If you times it by 3 again, it equals “27,” the number of items you move to change and shift energy.

This is an easy and fun exercise. Walk around your home and move 27 items, putting them into their proper place — the trash, a donation bag, or another position in the room or house. Move whatever inspires you: significant and noticeable items such as a plant, a large figurine or an item that has been fixed in one spot for a long time.


This is a great way to get the energy moving and re-infuse your objects with intention.

Now, use the rest of the day to do what you want — read a book, watch a show, anything — as long as it’s something you totally enjoy.

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