HR-082116-Alice-2QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is there such a thing as feng shui dressing?

Yes! Feng shui concepts can be used in areas beyond the home.

One of the premises of feng shui is that what is closest to you impacts your physical and emotional health, and your clothing style is definitely impactful. When deciding what to wear, you can use knowledge about the elements and what they represent, and match that to your “feng-shui-elemental personality.”

What is your feng-shui-elemental personality?

Water types are quiet and more inner-oriented; considered deep feelers and thinkers.

Wood people are competitive, success-oriented go-getters, who are more talkative.
Fire personalities are pleasure-oriented trend-setters, who love to have a good time and are always up for more.

Earth people are caregivers and homebodies. They are stable, nurturing, loyal and supportive friends.


Metal types are detail-oriented and precise.

As you were reading through this, you probably saw yourself in a few of the elements. That’s because everyone has a combination of elemental personality traits, with some showing up stronger than others.

What is your style of dress?

Water people tend to wear darker tones in sheer and flowing fabrics. The feng shui color for water is black.

Wood people are “sporty,” wearing items that are easy to move around in comfortably, and made of natural fiber such as cotton. The feng shui colors for wood are hues of green or blue.

Fire people are more dramatic. When they enter a room, attention is drawn to them. They wear things that are shiny, furry or fun; anything that stands out. The feng shui colors for fi re are red or purple.


Earth people are traditional, sticking to things that are tried and true, and basic. They resonate with yellow, brown and other earth tones, and their style is comfortable.

Metal people are elegant, preferring clothing that is precise, fitted and purposeful. Just as metal elements are shiny, dress-

ing with the metal element in mind showcases a more “polished” look.

How do you use this to make your best impression?

Instead of wearing clothes that emphasize and support your natural “feng-shui-elemental personality,” try dressing in line with the element or personality that you would like to emphasize for the day.

For example, if you are being interviewed for a job and want to give the impression that you are dependable, choose earth tones and a more traditional style of dress.


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