HR-080716-Cover-Revolusun-MR04Following the end of the Net Metering program for rooftop solar last October, customers of Hawaiian Electric Company were given two options: Grid-Supply and Self-Supply. While Grid-Supply credits new solar owners for the extra energy their systems send to the grid, Self-Supply encourages customers to buy battery systems, store and use their own excess energy produced. The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission put a 25-megawatt cap for Grid-Supply projects on Oahu, and unless the cap is raised, it may be reached as soon as the end of this month. So now is the time to either submit a Grid-Supply application or learn more about Self-Supply options.

Not to worry: RevoluSun Smart Home has seven years of experience working with the utility and getting applications processed swiftly and properly. Call the company as soon as you can so that we may reserve your place in the limited Grid-Supply program. In addition, RevoluSun Smart Home has multiple storage options for Self-Supply that are more attractive and affordable than ever before.

“We are Smart Home, but our core is solar, so we are always hunting for outstanding products to store solar power,” said Eric Carlson, Chief Innovation Officer. “We offer multiple battery options that maximize the usefulness of solar panels by storing the power generated from the sun so that you can use it whenever it’s needed and also fortify your home against power outages by providing a backup electricity supply.”

“Rooftop solar will remain a great option for Hawaii homeowners of all income-levels for years to come,” said Colin Yost, Chief Operating Officer. “New financing programs and government incentives make it easy for consumers to save money and help Hawaii reach its 100 percent renewable goal. We’re only at about 20 percent renewable right now, so we still have a long way to go!”

There’s also a significant difference between just “going solar” and installing a RevoluSun solar system. RevoluSun’s method of installation only requires half the number of mounts compared to conventional systems, and fewer penetrations mean less wear and tear on the roof and less opportunity for leaks or system degradation. Superior racking systems can span farther distances and are made of anodized aluminum, which requires less drilling. RevoluSun is also CertainTeed Certified, which means that drilling on your roof will not nullify the roof warranty.

“In offering the highest-quality materials and expert installation, RevoluSun offers the most cost-effective systems on the market,” explained Carlson. “A quality job results in maximum savings over the system’s lifetime.”
In constantly expanding innovative home technologies, RevoluSun Smart Home’s array of energy efficiency and smarter living products can reduce your electric bill by as much as 50 percent or more without HECO involvement. RevoluSun’s Innovation Center has become a regular meeting place for the public and Revolu-Sun Smart Home’s free monthly seminars have been packed. The next seminar is set for Aug. 20, from 10 to 11 a.m., at 210 Ward Ave., Suite 140. This is a free event. Space is limited, so interested parties should RSVP today at


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